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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Viral Marketing Formula

Viral Marketing Formula

Viral Marketing Formula
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Viral Marketing Formula
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Viral Marketing Formula
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Viral Marketing Formula
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Viral Marketing Formula

clip_image003[4]clip_image013All About Marketing

Before we get into the specific aspects of viral marketing, what it means and how to implement it, let‘s spend a little time discussing the concept of traditional marketing, what it is, how to implement it.
There is nothing ‗magical‘ about the concept of marketing. Simply put, marketing is any action that puts your company or its products in the minds of potential buyers of your goods and services.
There is some magic however in successful marketing; a subtle blend of knowing your target audience and what will both be memorable and yet not overshadow the key elements that you need the target audience to remember. This, of course, takes research into what the potential sales of your goods or services might be as well as understanding possible pricing margins and the profitability that is possible for the given market; the costs of marketing can‘t be such that your efforts won‘t pay for themselves in the long run.
There are essentially seven different aspects of marketing that need to be considered by most physical good manufacturers. They are normally referred to as the ―Seven Ps,‖ which include:
" Product
" Price
" Place
Viral Marketing Formula
" clip_image014Promotion
" People
" Process
" Physical Appearance
Each of these aspects could have an entire book dedicated to them and how to best implement a marketing scheme, but for now let‘s simply define these Seven Ps in as little detail as possible:

1. Product

Obviously the most important part of any marketing scheme is the product itself–some things sell themselves and simply need to be introduced to the public to be recognized for the value they have. Others may be necessary and life altering, but may not be clearly understood, or the value may be undermined by availability from other resources. But the product itself is by far one of the more important aspects of what and how to market, and therefore is number one in the Seven Ps of marketing basics.

2. Price

The next most important aspect of a successful marketing scheme is to match the price point to a level which people will pay, and which allows for enough volume of sales to maintain future advertising and development—without being so high that it encourages others to enter competition with you.
Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[1]Finding a successful price point starts with looking at your customers and the market niche, then at any competitor's current pricing models and how customers feel about those price points. If you find you could sell for half the price of existing vendors, but the public believes the price of the goods is already fair, then entering too far below current market values may cause them to believe your product is of a lower quality or has less assurance of longevity.
An excellent example of a price that is unwarranted but widely accepted is diamonds. Except for the fact a diamond is one of the hardest natural substances and is as pretty as cut glass, it has very little value and is not that difficult to obtain or process. So why are they so expensive? Simply put, because the people in the business tightly control the price and help with marketing campaigns to set public acceptance of the existing price points.

3. Place

Another one of the Seven Ps that is not as vital today in the Internet- driven world (but still bears thinking about) is the place—either where you will be presenting or obtaining the products you will be marketing. For most Internet-based businesses, this really boils down to the shipping model and company you will deal with to get the products to your customers. But for some, a physical retail outlet is still an important aspect of their business image and the way their company will be perceived.
Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[2]There are other things to consider here, too. For example, one vendor providing cheaper shipping but not enabling you to deliver without signatures can be an issue—your customers might be annoyed at having to take time off work or go to another location to obtain the product they will be anxiously awaiting. Having to arrange a schedule or fight to obtain the goods may override any excitement your successful marketing may have created.
Of course, being able to physically hand someone the product in a nice bag from a retail outlet is the ideal scenario: but today most businesses deal at least in part with online and magazine sales. Other options may include sales at onsite locations such as exhibitions, conventions and fairs—all of which offer the same opportunities to stand out from your competitors as a retail outlet, but mean some additional planning and thinking ahead.

4. Promotion

The ―P‖ for Promotion is a key attribute to marketing, and especially viral marketing. It is the aspect where you pump up the public's knowledge and understanding of your goods or services in any manner possible. Smaller budgets mean more clever marketing approaches, but some concepts you can bear in mind that should work regardless of the amount of funds available to your campaign include:
a) Indirect approaches such as PR can be more effective than 'above-the-line' activities like advertising. Coverage in the kinds of publications your customers read is worth its weight in gold,
Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[3]so don't be shy about approaching newspapers and magazines. Most journalists are keen to hear good stories, particularly if you make it easy for them by supplying photographs with a press release.
b) For many new businesses, local coverage may not only be easier, it may also be more effective at generating sales.
c) Know what works—look at how others in your field do their promotions to see what kinds of promotions have been successful.
d) Don't underestimate the effectiveness of small-scale advertising in local papers, bulletin boards, and directories such as the Yellow Pages.
e) Come up with a catchy slogan that customers can recall easily, and get involved in local community activities.
f) Consider direct mail, tele-sales and the Internet advertising to win new customers.
With the proper planning and a vision of exactly what you're trying to achieve, you should be able to hit just the right promotional mix of advertising, direct marketing and public relations. In many cases, you can learn by examining how your competitors handled early promotion
Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[4]concepts. Just be sure not to try and copy theirs—being unique and new is a vital element of successful marketing, viral or traditional.

5. People

Your people can be your biggest asset, or your most visible deficit– even if you‘re the only employee of your company, the attitude your customers see from you at all times, (whether real or just perceived), has a major impact on how your business is perceived.
Ideally, you should reward existing customers in some way, and preferably in a manner that your competitors do not and to provide personalized service of some kind. It can cost you between three and ten TIMES as much in advertising revenue to replace a customer who has gone to a competitor, than to just keep them in the first place as a result of your companies positive perception and good service. So in some cases you can come out ahead in the long run just by losing a little on a few key transactions that would have taken time from properly servicing the majority of your customers.
One way to improve your customer relations is to welcome complaints, and to provide feedback to the customers who complain, letting them know that you value the input and what actions, if any, you are going to take based on their complaints. If you are not making changes, explain why. Establishing that you understand their position but cannot address it for whatever reason is the least you can do— provided doing so doesn‘t open you up to some kind of legal action!
Viral Marketing Formula


Process refers to the methods and systems you have in place. These are what you utilize to deliver your products and track your customer satisfaction and sales as well as the costs, potential earnings and ongoing expenses per revenue generations. As far as marketing is concerned, it is perhaps the most important of all aspects of running a business. This is because with improper processes in place, you can neither understand nor extrapolate your real costs of revenue generation, and may very well be running at a long-time loss despite having profits being shown on the books currently or in the short term.
Some aspects that should be included in your processes should be:
g) How to track after-sales services
h) Informing customers of delivery status
i) Methods for dealing with delays and back-orders
j) Tracking and ensuring follow-up phone calls are made
k) Obtaining feedback and complaints about ongoing issues
l) Tracking orders and issues in a manner that allows easy lookup
As with most of the seven Ps of successful marketing, a great deal of time and/or money could be spent in this area, but careful, thoughtful and creative thinking can normally come up with processes that will work well and fit within most budgets.

7. Physical Appearance

Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[6]Most of us know that the first impression of our company and products are likely to be the way our web site, letterhead, email, logo, company sign or flyer appears. Not only does the appearance of these items provide an initial impression it can also help shape your customers‘ overall concept of your company as they become more aware of other aspects of your appearance and the ‗tone‘ of the business. There are basically three styles of design when it comes to physical appearance that impact your business, and those include:

1) Graphical designs

Covering everything from the logo and branding, to the style or
‗type‘ of fonts you use, the graphical look of your company is vital to the image you will be portraying. Entire industries of graphic designers exist to help companies develop packaging, stationery, leaflets, promotional brochures, websites, corporate videos, CD and DVD-ROMs. Whether you use these or develop them on your own is up to you. Since quality and consistency are vital, this is one area that it is often well worth spending a few dollars.

2) Product design

Everything from teapots to trains were created with the help of designers. It is not enough to fulfill a function, you need to do so in a manner that people will accept and that is also being reasonable and cost-effective to produce. A good product designer can help you here.
Viral Marketing Formula

3) Interior design

Whether a web site, the interior of a building, or the storefront of your convention display, spending time to develop exactly the right look can set you apart from competitors, or even improve your productivity.
Viral Marketing Formula

clip_image003[14]clip_image013[8]Marketing On The Internet

Most modern campaigns will involve the Internet or at least a web presence of one kind or another in part because modern companies without a web site are likely to fail.
E-commerce or the act of sales that are made online or across the World Wide Web (www) is the fastest growing and developing segment of our modern economy. Even the smallest business can now reach a global audience and present itself in whatever light it desires. Facts worth noting about today‘s Internet marketplace include:
m) There are more than 350 million people using the Internet and that number is growing daily
n) Sixty-nine percent of the online population has made at least one purchase in the last 90 days. By 2008, two-thirds of U.S. households will be online shopping
o) According to the January 2006 Trend/Forecasting report of The Dilenschneider Group, in the U.S. alone, the 2005 holiday season online shopping jumped by more than 35% from 2004
p) The average income of Internet households is over $66,790, making the Internet user a very attractive customer for you to target
Viral Marketing Formula
q) Currently most states do not charge taxes for sales on the Internet products shipped from outside the state. This loophole is being slowly closed due to the large number of Internet sales causing tax losses

E-mail marketing

A related aspect of Internet marketing that can be as annoying as it can be effective is targeted e-mail campaigns. Improper use of this avenue has lead to the use of so-called ―junk‖ e-mail filters and huge campaigns against vendors and sites that knowingly send out millions of e-mails to any e-mail address they can harvest.
Junk e-mail is typically sent without regard to whether or not the person in question is a potential customer or not. Returns of less then 1% on these campaigns are common, and still considered a ―success‖ because the costs are so low that any return seems worthwhile.
While e-mail is one of the most abused forms of advertising on the Internet, it can be a great way to start a marketing campaign. Use it carefully and correctly, especially with customer acceptance and true manned ―removal‖ systems.
The key to successful e-mail campaigns is to target people who would actually want to hear from you about your product, and then to personalize your e-mails in such a way that it isn‘t apparent you are mass-marketing. Any search on ―e-mail marketing‖ should turn up several companies and software systems to help you accomplish this.
Viral Marketing Formula
clip_image013[10]., or ) Just be sure you act responsibly, or you may find your e-mails going into junk e-mail bins and all your marketing dollars wasted!

Newsletters (product updates)

Often confused as e-mail campaigns, another great concept in modern marketing is to run an e-mail newsletter for disseminating information about your company, your products, upcoming specials, and customer success stories. Newsletters must be sent out regularly and only to customers who have not asked to be excluded.
This can be a great resource for contacting potential customers and keeping them excited about you and your products. And the fact that you only write one newsletter that is then distributed to thousands of customers can be a great cost saving over other methods of contact such as the phone or direct mail marketing!
Your e-mail newsletter needs to be informative and useful. If you sell camping goods, for example, then articles about getting your campfire started and maintaining your RV will provide stories your customers want to read. This encourages them to do more business with you in the future.


A quality website is deceptively simple to use and difficult to create. Even if you don‘t have an online sales feature (which you REALLY
Viral Marketing Formula
should have in this day and age), having a web presence so that prospective customers can find your information, hours of operation, a contact form etc. is important.

Viral Marketing Formula

Viral Marketing Defined

For most of us, the word ―virus‖ has a negative aspect to it. We hear the word and think either of getting sick, of a nasty little bug that can make us sick, or of a computer virus which cost us tons of data and hardship at one time or another.
In fact, viruses are not necessarily bad, and most life on earth relies at least in part on them in one degree or another. Some people even argue that humanity itself fits the classic definition of a virus, infecting the planet earth for better or worse!
Classically, the definition of a virus is a ―small particle that lives as a parasite in plants, animals, and bacteria and consists of a nucleic acid core within a protein sheath.”
In some cases this parasitic co-existence may actually benefit the host in one way or another, an existence known as a ―symbiotic‖ relationship. It‘s common knowledge that most viruses have the ability to replicate themselves without any outside assistance, simply by finding a medium in which they can exist.
In other words a virus, when introduced into a system, will make copies of itself. Due to their nature, most viruses are easily moved from one system to another as they replicate, causing them to spread quickly and easily from one host site to another.
Viral Marketing Formula
When it comes to marketing and viral marketing campaigns, the idea is much simpler and focuses on the fact that most viruses (real or computerized) have the ability to replicate themselves without
―outside‖ assistance. In this case a ―viral‖ marketing campaign is one which allows or stimulates customers who are exposed to the ―viral‖ marketing campaign to actively help spread the word themselves.
That is, they send your promotion piece on to other potential customers due to their excitement with the product it underscores or because of they found it entertaining as a result of containing something humorous, or worth sharing as the result of a gift or award option associated with the campaign.
Having such a built-in replication capability, just as with real viruses, it has the potential for exponential growth and can quickly spread a message to thousands or even millions of users from a single starting point.
Urban myths are a good example of such growth. Even though numerous websites debunk such myths, they continue to circulate widely. More than half the people exposed to them forward them to others even though they‘ve heard them already and know they are false. Sooner or later, the myths have spread too far and wide to stop.
One of the greatest examples of this in an actual working scenario was the original hotmail expansion program., as one of the first ―free‖ web e-mail service group, began recruiting members by first giving away free e-mail addresses and services, then requiring
Viral Marketing Formula
that every e-mail sent via their service include a simple tagline at the bottom detailing that the receiver could also receive free e-mail by signing up at
Like ripples from a rock flung into a pond, the initial offering quickly spread outward causing exponential growth and a huge list of members to be tapped for marketing other services towards.


Some strategies are obviously going to work better than others. The Hotmail campaign in which ―free‖ services are utilized with no apparent cost to the end-user, are no-brainers.
Approaches where some initial up-front costs are charged to credit cards or where ―future‖ charges will be incurred are much less likely to generate active involvement. Few promotions will work as well as Hotmail‘s strategy because most products and services don‘t generate revenue via their day to day use.
Hotmail users spread the word and generated new business simply by using the service itself. You can increase your campaign‘s likelihood success and its ability to generate new business traffic by including one or more of the following proven ―viral‖ elements:
" Gives away products or services
" Provides for effortless transfer to others
Viral Marketing Formula
" Scales easily from small to very large
" Exploits common motivations and behaviors
" Utilizes existing communication networks
" Takes advantage of others' resources
Let's examine each of these success elements briefly.

Gives away valuable products or services

There is no question that "Free" is one of the most powerful words in marketing. It‘s not surprising, then, that most viral marketing campaigns and programs include some method of giving away products or services of varying values to attract attention and draw customers.
From free e-mail services or free information to free "cool" giveaway items such as buttons, posters and pens to trial software programs that perform powerful functions hinting at the full-fledged capabilities available in the "pro" versions, the list of potential products and services to give away for free is practically endless.
Part of the reasoning behind this is the Second Law of Web Marketing known as Wilson‘s "Law of Giving and Selling" which in part stipulates that while words like Cheap or inexpensive may generate interest they won‘t do so as fast as simply saying "FREE!"
Viral Marketing Formula
One of the keys to the success of modern viral marketers is that they practice delayed gratification. They may not profit today or tomorrow, but if they can generate a groundswell of interest from something free, they know they will profit eventually and hopefully for a long time afterwards.
Investing up front by providing goods for ―free‖ to the end-user attracts attention that can then be redirected to other desirable things you are selling that will and eventually earn money.

Provides for effortless transfer to others

With real-life viruses, you find that public health nurses offer sage advice during flu seasons and high risk locations: ―simply stay away from anyone who coughs, wash your hands often, and don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth and you are much less likely to catch a virus or get ill.‖ This is because a virus only spreads when it‘s allowed to transmit from one person to another. In the real world, the medium that carries the virus is normally mucus or other bodily fluids.
Likewise, your marketing message must rely on existing mechanisms through which the message is just as easy to transfer and replicate: e- mail, websites, graphics, software downloads, etc.
Viral marketing works so famously on the Internet, in part, because of the ease of near-instant and inexpensive communication and because
Viral Marketing Formula
people like to share things they see and hear. Digital formats make copying music and images simple.
Most software interacts with other programs in some form or another, despite AOL‘s noted exceptions! From a marketing standpoint, your goal is to simplify your message so it can be transmitted easily and without degradation: shorter is best. As with the Hotmail campaign; saying ―get it free‖, then listing the location is about as simple as it gets.

Scales easily from small to very large

If you expect your message to spread like wildfire, then the transmission method needs to be rapidly scalable from small to very large. This was one of the few weaknesses of the Hotmail model.
As a free e-mail service, it required its own mail servers for transmitting messages. When the strategy turned out to be wildly successful, more mail servers had to be added very quickly to support the rapid growth. Otherwise, the service would have bogged down and people would have deemed it unreliable.
Just as in real life, if the virus multiplies but kills the host before spreading, then nothing worthwhile is accomplished. Having an idea in advance of the potential for growth and for building any necessary scalability into your viral model is vital to a successful viral marketing
Viral Marketing Formula

Exploits common motivations and behaviors

A clever viral marketing plan will take advantage of common human motivations. For instance, what proliferated "Netscape Now" buttons and ―Microsoft Bob‖ T-shirts in the early days of the Web? It was the desire to be cool and be part of a trend.
Another factor that always drives people is the desire to strike it rich, or put simply: Greed. A hunger to be popular, to be loved, and to be understood also stand out as driving human factors.
The resulting urge to communicate based on these basic human needs can produce millions of websites and billions of e-mail messages. When you can design a marketing strategy that builds on these common motivations and behaviors for its transmission, you have a winner.

Utilizes existing communication networks

It is a fact that most people are social. Nerdy, basement-dwelling computer science grad students may be jokingly referred to as the exceptions, but even they have friends and family with whom they connect. In fact, scientists tell us that each person in the modern society has a network of anywhere from eight to twelve people in their group of close friends, family, and associates. If you factor in a person's broader network that may increase to scores, hundreds, or

Viral Marketing Formula

even thousands of people with whom they interact within a given period depending upon their position in society. A waitress, for example, may communicate regularly with hundreds of customers in a given week; a person running a news-blog may reach millions.
Network marketers have long understood the power of these human networks, both the strong, close networks as well as the weaker networked relationships. People on the Internet develop networks of relationships, too. They collect e-mail addresses and favorite website URLs.
Affiliate programs exploit such networks, as do permission e-mail lists. Learn to place your message into existing communications between people, and you rapidly multiply its dissemination.

Takes advantage of others' resources

The use of others‘ resources aptly demonstrates what makes viral marketing unique. In a traditional campaign, the marketers themselves must identify a niche in society, carefully design a campaign that appeals to that target audience, and then pay for and otherwise promote ways to reach that group of people.
A viral campaign, on the other hand, both generates its own spread and is at least part self-targeting. People who are interested in or use your campaign will tend to be communicating with other people like themselves. They do your work for you by reaching your ―target‖‘ without your having to first identify and locate that group yourself. In

Viral Marketing Formula

addition, and perhaps most importantly, you are not out all the costs associated with first identifying and then reaching those individuals.
While you may still have a large percentage of people who do not participate if your offering is not of interest even if it is free. But considering that your costs are nil or close to it as compared to a traditional campaign, this is still a remarkably inexpensive type of marketing campaign to participate in!
Viral Marketing Formula

Epidemic Or Opportunity?

Some people hate viral marketing and view it as a much-abused sales technique. This belief arises from the confusion many people have over the difference between viral marketing and so-called ―junk e-mail‖ campaigns. In fact, many viral marketing schemes do rely to greater or lesser extent on getting individual users to forward e-mails out to large groups of other people.
The key to avoiding this perception—which can and will eventually lead to methods to ban or at least stymie the effectiveness of viral marketing campaigns—is to include offerings that have interest and value to the end-users, even those who choose not to participate.
This is again one area in which the Hotmail campaign succeeded so very well because even people who did not sign up for the service were often getting benefits from being able to communicate with friends who otherwise might not have an e-mail carrier or account with which to share.
Perhaps one of the greatest threats for successful viral marketing campaigns is the increase in ―Malware‖ software or links that cause harmful additions to users systems such as pop-ups, slowdowns and redirects on Internet pages.
While some are legitimate attempts to gain market share or public attention, poor programs and links can cause great harm. And of course, the public has reacted adversely. Now, many potentially
Viral Marketing Formula
successful viral marketing campaigns have been restricted or even fouled by public skepticism and fear.
Mal-ware and viruses are so prevalent that the public is often either overwhelmed and doesn‘t even try to protect themselves or goes so far overboard that they refuse to even open or read e-mail messages from sources that they do not recognize. Neither approach is sound. But the latter, of course, will ruin any chance to market a new product or idea to these people by using e-mail as a communication method.
The mal-ware issue looms so large, that antivirus companies are now circulating lists of NON-harmful virus hoaxes along with the names of misunderstood programs the public fears. Why? They want to teach computer users the difference between perceived threats and real threats. Here are just a few examples of one such list of perceived (but not real) threats:
" "Hello Dear" Hoax
" $800 from Microsoft Hoax
" 48 Hours Hoax
" A Moment Of Silence Hoax
" A Virtual Card For You Hoax
To further add to the confusion, many antivirus software manufacturers are using the word ―hoax‖ when referring to harmful or
Viral Marketing Formula
potentially harmful malware even though these programs may actually cause problems when a person installs them or reacts to them.
They‘re being called hoaxes because the information included with them isn‘t technically true. However, calling them hoaxes may lead people to assume that unsafe programs are safe.
The biggest harm in these and other ―humorous‖ attempts at causing mischief amongst the world‘s under-educated is that it works far too often.
The result?
The fooled computer users delete legitimate files and otherwise damage their systems in the belief they are protecting their computers. Then the companies targeted by such ―humor‖ are forced to spend money—via support staff costs—by fielding questions about false issues and/or by helping users fix the problems they just caused by falling for the hoax.
These actions and others like it are resulting in the public‘s outright hatred of all e-mail ―instructions‖ and e-mail chains. In fact, computer users have grown suspicious of many of the methods necessary for viral advertising to work effectively via e-mail. If this attitude prevails, the future of viral marketing itself may be in question!
There are many sites like and which help to debunk urban legends, myths
Viral Marketing Formula
and false virus warnings. Hopefully, the public is savvy enough to utilize these sites.
However, the need to frequently check such sites along with the constant barrage of warnings about opening or forwarding e-mail is beginning to negatively impact otherwise successful viral marketing campaigns. This is why it is so vital to keep your campaign simple. Like the now ―classic‖ Hotmail example, clearly describe who you are and what you are doing.
Make certain that any user involved knows exactly what their involvement might be and what the potential effects both on their system and personal accounts may be—up front when possible.
It‘s a good idea to at least do a study of these e-mail hoaxes to know what your viral marketing campaign email should NOT look like or be perceived as.
It‘s interesting to note that finding the public being caught in the middle between companies advertising legitimate products and others using similar techniques for immoral or illegal purposes is not restricted to the Internet.
Not long ago, an article was posted on ArticleHomePage&art_aid=45264 about an attempt to find a way to kill ―ad skipping‖ features that had been introduced in modern digital
Viral Marketing Formula
video recorder in an attempt to force users to view the commercials when they were watching taped shows.
Obviously, if they can disable this feature in some way the users who have paid extra to have said feature will lose. The executives, however, will see it as a victory because those commercials are, in the minds of TV programmers and advertisers, part of the viewing package; the commercials help pay for the programming in the first place.
The truth is, if you force someone to watch a commercial they don‘t want to see after they have paid money to be able to skip it, those viewers aren‘t going to be very happy to deal with you at this point. But, you probably won‘t be able to convince the industry executives of that!

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Third step: Set up your auto-responder and follow up messages. Be sure to make your “thanks for confirming” email include the download link to your ebook.

Forth step: Build a webpage that you can use to offer your free ebook for download. This will also be where you put your subscription form to collect your email list.

Fifth step: Promote your website to get your sign ups. This is an ongoing task, but once you start to make money you can easily pay to have this run on autopilot.

Sixth step: There are some amazing extra steps you can take to really boost your list building activity, and you will learn these later in the guide.

In the following chapters of this book you will learn exactly how to complete the steps outlined above, and provided you follow those steps, it will work for you. However, if you try to skip steps that you believe to be unimportant then your results will differ from mine, and you will not receive the results you want.

Hopefully after following these steps people will be reading your ebook, and then sharing it. It is when people start sharing it between themselves that things can really take off for you, but the only way to make that happen is if you can get them interested in the first place. Do not worry about making your ebook go viral, as it is a nightmare stopping a good ebook spread across the net. The hard bit is getting it out there until it reaches a sort of critical mass and takes off on its own. And what do you do when it does start spreading by itself? You make another one of course!

Starting Your Viral PDF

The Written Word

There are two ways of creating a viral PDF, you can either write your own or buy one. Whichever way you do it, you need to ensure that you have a plan to make it go viral. This chapter should set you on the right course.

Writing An Ebook

If you decide to write your own ebook then I suggest you plan your chapter list first. Be aware that you are not trying to write a full size ebook, as this is just to capture the interest of your readers. Just like in a basic lead capture ebook, you need to write a short 5000 word ebook that actually delivers real value to your readers.

To write your chapter list I suggest you write out a list of the things you have that could help people, then use these as chapters. Writing is something of an acquired skill, but with practice anyone can do it. After your chapter list is complete you just need to write 500-1000 word chapters teaching those specific tips and tricks, and this is much easier to do than just sitting down to write a book without a plan. Once your ebook is finished I recommend you either create some great graphics your readers, or hire a graphic design to do it for you.

I suggest you include links in your ebook to your website, and include affiliate links to anything useful that your reader will be interested in purchasing. This will allow your reader to easily find the products they need, and it gets you an affiliate commission. However, you need to review the products you are going to include links for, as you do not want your reader to be resentful.

Don't forget that you will want your readers to buy things from you in the future, so you need to give them advice or tips that will help them enough to trust and respect you. This is an often forgotten tip, but if you start out by giving your readers crap, you can forget them buying anything from you in the future.

Now you know how to write a book you are probably thinking “Yes but I am not a writer, and hey, I don't want to be.” Don't worry its fine if you don't want to write your own ebook, as there are other ways to do this.

Using A PLR Ebook

One easy way to get out of having to write your own ebook is to buy a PLR ebook, as they come with rights that allow you to change the contents and resell them. This means if you can find a PLR ebook that can really help people, all you need to do is edit it in any way you think makes it better, and add affiliate links to products that the person reading the ebook will be interested in.

For instance if you give-away a free PLR ebook about pregnancy, you could include affiliate links to products that you know the reader will be interested in. Let’s look at an example: A person downloads your free ebook on pet food, and while reading the PLR guide they understand what sort of food they should be feeding their pet, so are glad that you provide a helpful link for you to buy the product from Amazon. As you can see this is a great way to get people to not only understand what it is they need to do, but at the same time to make a commission on the product you have shown them. If you have a website in the same niche as the ebook, you can put links inside the ebook that link to your website. If you tell people they can share the ebook they will happily pass it around, and each time they do they help to get more people to your website.

Re-brandable Ebooks

A re-brandable ebook is an ebook that has been written to be usable with an ebook re-brander. An ebook re-brander is designed to go through an ebook and change predetermined links to affiliates links with the new owners affiliate code. This means that you can get a re-brandable ebook, insert your own links into the re-brander and it will change the links within the ebook. Now you can give away an ebook you did not write, and anytime a reader buys something out of the ebook you get the commission.

Later in this guide I will show you how to find people hungry for your

ebook, and because they are interested in the subject matter you can be sure

that any relevant links will be clicked. Just make sure the links you are using are relevant, because if someone downloads an ebook about parrots, they may want parrot care links but shall not want dog care links. Make sure the ebook targets your customer and then everybody benefits from your actions.

Alternatively you could get an ebook re-brander that will allow you to write your own ebook, and then give away copies to others for re-branding. A popular reason for this is that the writer has a website they want to promote, and thus they create a re-brandable link to their affiliate program. Another reason could be just to build a list by offering a really valuable free gift.

As to your method of creating your ebook to give away, that is really up to you. However, I do recommend you think about the rights that come with your ebook.

Your Copyright Information

Once you have your ebook ready you need to make sure that you give your ebook away completely free, and the method will be described later in this guide. However, you should be sure that you make your copyright notice inform readers that they are free to give your ebook away, as the more people that have it the further your affiliate links will spread. Don't forget that everyone who owns a copy of your ebook however they got it, they are going to be looking at a link to your website, and all your affiliate links.

This is one of the reasons that sometimes it is actually unhelpful to fight away internet piracy, because if they take your ebook and spread it to thousands of people, you are going to make a lot of money from the affiliate commissions. For those who already understand about lead capture may be worried that this may build affiliate commission, but will surely lower the amount of people coming to your website and signing up to your list. Let me assure you this need not be a problem, as you simply add a section to the end of the ebook that informs readers that you will be updating the ebook regularly as new information becomes available, so if they want the latest version or your latest book for free download from your sign up page. If you did not understand the last paragraph you should not worry as I will walk you through the lead capture process later in the guide, but for now I wanted to

set the advanced readers mind at ease.

clip_image011If you are going to write the ebook yourself I recommend the free software Open Office, as it is not only free be it has all the features you would expect from an expensive word-processors, and even has the ability to export the finished ebook as a PDF. You will need to be able to turn your finished work into a

PDF as this the industry standard ebook, readable on all computers and nearly all ebook readers. Another great software for creating professional looking

ebooks is ewriterpro, as it really is a one stop solution.

If you have written the ebook yourself and what to make it into a viral ebook the easy way, then I recommend you look at Viral PDF Generator, as they have some really great free information, and even a very useful software application.

Viral PDF Generator is a unique tool that helps to host the pdf file on their server. This great new technology converts the viral pdf in few clicks with your affiliate links. If you plan to use this tool you don't even need a webhost to distribute your viral pdf file.

Setting Up Your Website Hosting

Your Place On The Internet

clip_image013To do anything online you are going to need a hosting account, and domain name. I have tried various companies and compared the advantages and disadvantages and recommend you use Hostgator, for your hosting because they offer the best functionality and customer support for the price you pay. I personally use this

hosting service for more than 10 years and I never seen a downtime unless there is a pre informed server maintenance.

Hostgator sell hosting, and Godaddy sell domain names and you will need both. A domain name is like the phone number for your hosting account, and your hosting is your space on their computer where you keep your website files and where you store your ebook for downloading.

You will not need a large amount of storage space initially, so don't go mad and get a reseller account unless you need it. I recommend the “Baby plan” as that allows you to add as many domain names as you want to the hosting account. This means later on you can make other websites without having to purchase additional hosting, and this usually proves a huge saving in the long run. The “Baby plan” comes in at a little under $8 a month, and if you think about it, if you won’t invest $8 a month on your business you may as well give up now!

Once you have your hosting log in details you will need to get a domain to make it usable. Go to Godaddy and buy a domain name that sounds catchy as you want people to remember it. Once you have your domain name then you will need to set the name servers to point at your hosting account, and the nameserver information can be found in your Hostgator cpanel. Once all this is complete you will have a domain name that points at your hosting

account, and this is where you upload your zipped ebook file, and your website files.

To build your website you have several options, and don't worry you do not need to be a professional website designer to have a professional looking website.

Your first option is to use Hostgator's Site Builder, and you will be given the option to do this when you set up your hosting with them. Site Builder is easy to use and comes with full instruction, so I shall not repeat it here. However, the short description is that they use a template system, so you just choose a website template that you like the look of and change the text as required. They also give you the ability to drop bits of code into the website, and this works well for your auto-responder code.

Another option is of course to build the website from scratch, and if you have the know-how I am sure this will be the cheapest option. Unfortunately most people cannot make their own websites, and if you don't like the look of Site Builder then I recommend you look for a coder that you can hire. These can be found on most freelancing websites like or but the downside to this option is the price, and it can get very expensive.

Setting Up Your Auto-responder

Your Long-Term Business

The main purpose of making your ebook go viral is that you want to build a big list with it. Your auto-responder list can make you a lot of money, so make sure you get this step correct, and do not skip it.

clip_image015The auto-responder company I recommend is Aweber, because they are by far the biggest company, they work out the cheapest when your list start to grow large.

Another very large advantage they have over their competition is that they make it easy to set everything up, and this is a major

factor when getting everything going. Inside Aweber they have all the information you require to use their service, and even some instructional videos.

Before setting up your auto responder I recommend you upload your ebook in a zipped format to your hosting account, as you will need to have the address where it can be downloaded. It is best to have an unusual file name, as if you just make it the title of the ebook because otherwise pirates will easily find it. Obviously if you are not bothered by this it doesn't matter, but it depends on your business plan.

Sign up for your Aweber account and make a list then create a sign up form, and you will find full instruction inside Aweber. Once you have done this you will need to go to your “Thanks for signing up” message and edit it. You should tell them that you will be giving them some great tips to help with whatever their problem was, and that they can download your ebook by right clicking and selecting “Save target as” on your link. The link will just be your domain name/ your ebook zip file name.

Once you have that done you need to put the sign up form on your website, and this is quite easy. Copy the Java code that they give you and just past it into Site Builder in an HTML box. This will have your sign up form on the page, and if you use the Java code then when you update your Aweber sign up form, it will also update on your website automatically.

Once you have your sign-up form working on your website, and your “Thanks for signing up” email giving the new subscriber the download link, you need to get your follow up messages written.

Writing your follow up messages is one of the most important parts of setting up your auto-responder, because once your new subscriber joins your list they will automatically receive your message series at the intervals you predetermine. Your follow up messages are your means of building a relationship and marketing to your new subscriber automatically, and therefore are the difference between a good conversion rate, and a poor one. My advice is to only make one in five follow up messages a promotional one, and the others should be pure good information for your readers. I recommend that even when you do recommend a product using an affiliate link you don't make it a hard sale. Just show the subscriber a way that they can use the product/ebook to help with their problems, and then let the product sell itself.

You should schedule your follow-up messages to arrive consecutively every other day. This way you won’t irritate them by filling their inbox up too quickly, and at the same time you will not have too few emails to be effective.

Once your follow-up messages are written then you need to work on getting people onto your list, as this will be all that is needed for your automated sales machine to go to work on them.

Promoting Your Sign-up Page

Traffic Generation

Obviously you now need people to arrive at your sign-up page and download your ebook, because otherwise you won’t get the subscribers, and subsequently the profit. Luckily for you, I have a brief master class in traffic generation for you below. The methods that follow all work and will generate visitors provided you stick with them. One of the main problems with traffic generation is that the effects of your work can often not start to be seen until up to a month has past, and often by this time you have given up thinking it is not working. With traffic generation, persistence is the key to success

Article Marketing

The first method I recommend for driving people to your sign up page is article marketing. The reason I advise you start with article marketing is that it will quickly get your website indexed in the search engine, and people will read your articles and if they are interested click through to your website.

I will concentrate on Ezinearticles as this is the article directory that has the most viewers, and consistently provides the best results for me. If you do not know what an article directory is, it is basically a website where people can join up and submit articles to the directory, and once approved will be shown on the website. Readers find the article through the normal search engines and after reading the articles they either continue their search for information by clicking your link, or other means.

Ezinearticles in easy to join, and you will see the “Sign-up” link in the top right corner. The correct length for an article is roughly 350 words, and your article need to have a catchy title as this is what entices readers to choose your article. Articles can be written about anything, but if you want to get sign-ups you need to stick to topics where the reader will be likely to want to find your website. Make sure your article is not a sales letter as the article directory will not approve that. Just help the reader, and then in the resource box at the end advise them to visit your website to find out more useful information, and get the free ebook. Once you have your first article written,

just add it to Ezinearticles and get working on your next one, as the more you produce in a week, the more visitors you will get.

Stumble Upon Advertising

You may or may not know that Stumble Upon is a very popular social bookmarking website, that has a huge following and user base. Unlike many other social bookmarking websites StumbleUpon has a big community that has built up within it, and if they decide they like your website you can easily end up with a huge amount of free website traffic with very little effort.

clip_image017To start with StumbleUpons Advertising Platform is the way to go. Normally what happens is people vote on whether they like websites that they see on StumbleUpon, and based on the score that is how often your website is shown. As nobody has seen your website yet they won’t have voted for it, so the

way to get it in front of people is to pay for views, and as it is targeted by demographics and very cheap this works out as a great deal.

I recommend you try a small advertising campaign to start with and test its effectiveness. StumbleUpon works better for some campaigns than others, and the main thing that will hold you back is if you try and sell something on the website. Stumblers love free stuff, and seem to recent being sold thing in StumbleUpon. Play by the rules and you will get plenty of “Votes” and you will not even need to pay for the views in the future.

To start with I recommend you concentrate on these two forms of traffic generation, as alone they can very good. However, if you are looking for more tips then check out this Traffic Generation Course.

Advanced Promotion Techniques

The Secret Sauce

While the above mentioned traffic generation techniques are highly effective, there is even more that can be done.

One way of increasing your sign-ups is by taking the first third of your ebook and posting it on document sharing websites. At the end of the excerpt have “Click here to download the full ebook – Totally free!!” and make this a link to your sign-up page. Not many people realize how many visitors the document sharing websites receive, or what they can do for your website.

Here are some of the documents sharing websites that I recommend, and don't forget that when you are doing article marketing you can also post your articles on here as well.

While there are many other document sharing websites I have found these are the best.

Document sharing sites are getting excellent traffic. If you use this websites you can get decent amount of traffic for your pdf files. Always use your target keywords in the title and in the descriptions. These websites are high page rank sites and ranking very well for many keywords.

Other traffic resources those you shouldn’t miss.

1) Submit your ebook to ebook directories.

Here is the complete list of ebook directories. Some directories are free while some of them ask few dollars to list your ebook. Some ebook directories can send email to their list for additional dollars.

2) Participate in forums

Find out good forum in your niche and post some useful information for the forum members. Then post a link to your free ebook in your resource box or separate post. Please read & follow the forum rules otherwise you will be get banned. is great source to find out the forums relevant to your ebook. This websites has data of thousands popular forums.

3) Participate in Giveaway Events in your niche

There are tons of giveaways are being conducted every month in internet marketing niche. If your ebook is in some other niche you may not get that much of giveaway events. But you may try Googling

“your niche name”+”giveaway”. 4) Submit your ebook to software directorories

Convert your ebook to exe file and submit to software directories. There are some decent softwares can do this submissions for you. Some services also available to do this task for you.

5)Buy solo ads

Buying solo ads is a great way to get instant traffic to your ebooks. Google your niche and find out the good websites those have opt in box to collect email list. Subscribe to those lists and find out how much worth the newsletter is. If you are satisfied with the quality of the email sent by the webmaster/site owner, contact him and make a deal for him. You can give some dollars to send solo ad to his list with a link to your ebook. If you are clever enough try for a deal to send free solo ad with the exchange of ebook branded with the webmasters affiliate links. Some webmaster will love this deal and he will make good commissions and you will make good number of leads. Win Win for both of you.

If you are in internet marketing niche, to marketer Reed Floren has reviewed many solo ads he has used in the past. It is really very valuable data before you order for a solo ad. You can read the reviews here

6)Submit to Torrent Websites

Create torrent file for your ebook and submit to torrent sharing websites. Remember to use the keywords in your title and your will get good number of traffic.


Taking Action

I know it may seem that I have given you a lot to do, but it really is all small easy steps and an offline business would certainly require more work for less effort. I really cannot stress enough the importance of you actually taking action with what I have shown you, because like I have stated before, this really does work.

There is however one thing that can completely derail your plans, and totally stop your progress. Yes you guessed it, it’s you! If following reading this guide you just site back and do nothing different than you already are, do you really think anything is going to change? The real secret to success is taking action, and making your future success not a case of “if” but “when”. The plan you have been given is very cheap to implement, and really quite simple. Where I have not walked you through every step you will find the websites I link to already have full instruction, so you have no excuse for not taking action.

My advice is that you make yourself a schedule. It is easy to slowly put things off, and many suffer from what I call “Tomorrow syndrome”. This is my way of describing the impulse to say that you will get around to it tomorrow, but the truth is tomorrow never comes. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it, as this is the only way to monitor your progress, and don't allow failure to be an option.

Good luck with your endeavors, and I hope you follow through on what you have leaned. I want to see you do well, and when you do maybe you can send me a testimonial. You see, I really do need you to succeed, as there is nothing worse than being unable to help someone help themselves.

If you check in the bonus chapter at the end you are going to find something that will cut out a lot of the hard work at the start, so scroll down!


Dr.Eswara Ramanan

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